Belize Zip Line and Crystal Cave Exploration $110.00

Group of 5 $100.00

Your quest for the perfect mix of adventure and knowledge starts here in the heart of the Belizean jungle. Be one with nature and the most sacred elements of the ancient Maya …whose underworld of ceremonial caves and the canopies of ancient trees were used to  send offerings up to their gods.

Board your comfortable air condition bus accompanied by your friendly, knowledgeable guide for an approximately 1hr and 20min ride to your Jungle Jaguar Camp. This journey will be filled with interesting facts about Belizean culture history and geology as you drive through savannas and quaint villages to reach your hidden destination.

There your skilled high angle guides will fit you with your harness and give you a safety briefing before you start your tour.

A short winding trail through thick jungle where you are dwarfed by towering cohune palms takes you to a limestone cliff that is your launching pad to your zip line adventure.

Feel the rush as you fly 500ft across the jungle for a bird’s eye view of a cavernous opening to one of the Mayas ancient ceremonial caves and the start point of your next adventure.  But this is just the beginning as your next traverse takes you to an unrivalled 700ft across the Jungle, so don’t forget to look down onto dense flora that used to be the Mayan hunting ground and source of almost all their everyday day needs  . Throughout your adventure your guides will highlight some of trees and the bush and their purposes that these ancient people used to use and still use today.

Adrenaline pumping and anticipation high, its time to switch gears from harness to life vests as the second leg of you quest begins. Be prepared to be “wowed” by this adventure that puts you up close and personal with the unique phenomenon of crystal caves.

Your journey begins as you float into a chamber where high ceilings and a stalactite lined wall give the feeling of a Cathedral and its mighty pipe organ welcoming you into a sacred place.

Crystal encrusted cave formations dazzle you with their beauty as you meander up the river.

But this is just a taste of what’s to come. As you disembark your tube and enter the Crystal chamber to explore the sacred underworld of the Maya, your guide will reveal hidden pottery dating back to 300-900 AD used by the Maya in ancient sacrificial ceremonies. Be prepared as your hike takes you through a tiny passage and you emerge  in front of  a‘frozen water fall” column and glittering rim stone dam that take your breath away.

Back in your tube you make your way to an underground lagoon boarded by a mini waterfall which signals the end of your subterranean adventure.