Belize Sight Seeing Tour $45.00


This tour is  specially designed for those of you who would like to have a relaxing time while learning the history and cultures of Belize.

This tour includes an hour drive through the country side to the MAYA RUINS of ALTUN HA. As we drive through the country side we will be narrating the history of the country and the people in detail. When we get to the site, we will be having a short restroom break. After the break we will do a tour of the site. The tour of the site last an hour. We will be doing presentations on MEDICINAL PLANTS, INDIAN HISTORY, AND SITE HISTORY.


After the tour of the site we drive 25 minutes for lunch. After lunch we continue our drive through the country side. As we drive through the country side we will be making stpps to view bird, howler monkeys, and other wild life in the area. You will get the chance to get an upfront view of the HOWLER MONKEYS. You will get so close to them that you will be allowed to feed them.


After the drive through the country side we will head back to Belize City for a city tour. On the city tour you will view houses that were constructed in the 1800's, some of our historical sites, and will also be allowed to stop for shopping. 

This tour can be done my people of all ages.