Ambergris Caye Tips

The secret is simple! It is cheaper to book combinations instead of single tours.




We operate on the mainland of Belize City. We offer our services at the lowest rates possible. This way we remain busy and you save on your tours and excursions. If you were to compare our rates and the rates these tours are sold on Ambergris Caye you might reach the conclusion that you are being ripped off on tour services by hotels and tour operators on Ambergris Caye. So, why be reluctant to book with us?


From time to time visitors to Ambergris Caye have a hard time to book some excursions on the mainland because some of the hotels and tour operators refuse to book tours if they have less than 8 persons.


Today cave tubing and zip line is the most popular tour booked from Ambergris Caye. Most of the hotels and tour operators sell this tour at a very high cost of $200 per/ person. From time to time it is sold at $230.00 per/ person. We offer the very same tour ( cave tubing and zip line ) between $95.00 per/ person and $120.00 per/ person ( depending on the number of persons booking. Since your eyes are now open to the matter of booking tours from Ambergris Caye, I am sure you have seen the big difference in prices.



Most hotels and tour operators on Ambergris Caye promote the ruins of Xunatunich because there is a museum on site. The truth is that there is not a museum on the site. There is only a small booth with copies of archaeological reports. These reports that are on the walls don’t make it a museum.



I, Donald G. Ramirez recommend the Ruins Of Cahal Pech over Ruins Of Xunantunich. Cahal Pech was occupied up to the arrival of the Europeans. Besides this, it is the only site beside Ruins Of Lamanai that has a complete museum on the site. There is the skeletal remains of one of the rulers on display. There are also a lot of Mayan Artifact on display. Cahal Ruins is the only ruins where guest can actually enter the chambers of the buildings.

Inside a chamber at Cahal Pech Ruins







Whilst most tour operators and hotels on Ambergris Caye are selling Ruins of Lamanai at a high cost between $180.00 and $200.00 per/ person we offer the very same tour at low rates between $90.00 and $110.00 per/ person.



You are responsible for your transportation from Ambergris Caye to Belize City. The round trip on the ferry is $25.00 per/ person. We ask that you board the 7:00am ferry that leaves Ambergris Caye to Belize City. You will arrive in Belize City at 8:15am. We will be at the Marine Terminal with a sign that reads your name. We provide transportation from the Marine Terminal and back.


Monkey Hunt Family Adventure

This tour is designed to last approximately 4 hours. It includes a drive through the countryside to a village known as Bermudian Landing. As we drive through the country side we will be narrating the history of Belize and it people.

Monkeys howling on tree top


When we arrive at Bermudian landing we will have a short break. After the break we will hike on trails in the rain forest on Howler Monkeys in their natural habitat. As we hike through the rain forest we will be doing presentations in Medicinal Plants and Eco Systems.




On this tour you get an upclose view of howler monkeys. You will also hear them howl! This tour is ideal for young kids, senior, and every other age group.

Here kitty by Dmitry Dimov.



We also offer a combination of Ruins Of Altun Ha and Monkey Hunt.







Ruins Of Xunantunich

About 40 km from the Tikal complex in Guatemala, Xunantunich was a major ceremonial center.   From its perch on a natural limestone ridge, visitors have a fantastic view of the surrounding area.  And though the center is only one square kilometre, it is home to 25 temples and palaces including the second tallest Mayan structure in Belize, the pyramid El Castillo.  The site was the first one in Belize that was open to the public, in 1954, and now it has a highly praised on-site museum.



The religion of the citizens of Xunantunich helped build this city up to the ceremonial center that it became.  To understand it is to understand in at least some way the people of this once great city.  It is believed that the temples and stelae focus on fertility and the warlords.  They have a tendency to portray the warlords and their ancestors as the source of fertility of all Mayans.  So all of these structure stress sexual symbolism in one way or another.  Some theories suggest that an earthquake caused the abandonment of the city.

Hand cranked ferry

Tour Details



This tour is designed to last approximately 5.5 hours. It includes an hour and half drive through the western mountains of belize. When we arrive at Soccuz Village near the border with Guatemala we will be crossing the makal river by a hand cranked ferry. The tour of the site last an hour and a half to two hours. Whilst doing the tour of the site we will be doing presentations on ecology, Indian History, Site History, and Medicinal plants.